[ Other - Hardware ] Open Question : How do I get the backslash on my Asus Zenbook?

It’s located next to my 0, and together with ? and +. But no matter what I press (shift, alt gr etc) I can’t get the goddamn backslash!

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Symbolizing Layer based on other Layer

I am using GeoDjango and Openlayers API.

I wanted to style the points(vector layer, MultiPoint Field) depending on the vector layer’s color.

Like on this image for exampleenter image description here

If it is within the vector layer, it should be yellow.

This is how I style my vector layer map:

  var context = {
      getColour: function (feature) {
          var hazardtype = feature.attributes.hazard;
          if (hazardtype == 'Low') {
              var color = '#FFFF00';
              return color;
          } else if (hazardtype == 'Medium') {
              var color = '#FFA500';
              return color;
          } else {
              var color = '#ff0000';
              return color;


  var context_label = {
      getName: function (feature) {
          return feature.attributes["name"];

var style = new OpenLayers.Style(template, {context: context});
var styleMap = new OpenLayers.StyleMap({'default': style});

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